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    We are honoured to collaborate with Two Bake Boys, a local cafe chain offering handcrafted crepe cakes and baking classes for budding bakers.

    Featuring an eclectic curation of contemporary and industrial furniture pieces, their cafe cum baking studio offer customers a vibrant and comfortable space for social gatherings and meetings.
    13 products
    LATTE Modern Marble Table & Chair
    from $340.00
    SNOWDON Modern Boucle Dining Chair
    COASTAL Modern Dining Table & Bench
    from $150.00
    CALDER Vintage Rattan Dining Chair
    WILSON Industrial Solid Wood Kitchen Island
    from $990.00
    SEASONS Modern Marble Kitchen Island
    from $1,290.00
    KIRSCH Vintage Rattan Dining Bench
    STARBUCKS Rustic Wooden Bar Table & Stool
    from $100.00
    DEXTOR Modern Minimalist Cafe/Pub/Bar Table
    from $80.00
    PINT Modern Bar Stool
    MAEVE Modern Dining Chair
    CAMERON Modern Bar Stool
    from $180.00
    KOSTA Wired Gold Frame Dining Chairs