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Anchor your living space in style - shop our wide range of fabric, velvet, leather, and boucle sofas.
181 products
PEBBLEBAY Modern and Contemporary Fabric Nordic Style Sofa
from $365.00
DEBEER Modern Leather Sofa
from $365.00
BALMAIN Victorian Tufted Sofa
from $528.00
CLAUDETTE Modern Nordic Fabric Sofa
from $655.00
SKYLER Modern Curved Velvet Sofa
from $752.00
IKA Japanese Fabric Sofa Bed
DART Scandinavian Fabric Sofa
from $328.00
POD Modern Fabric Sofa
from $357.00
MILLS Modern Velvet Sofa
from $365.00
HANSEL Velvet Sofa Armchair
from $119.00
VIOLA Victorian Velvet Sofa
from $253.00
FINESS Modern Leathaire Sofa
from $365.00
RUSK Rustic Pull Out Sofa Bed
from $610.00
SCOTT Japanese Fabric Sofa
SUTTON Victorian Tufted Velvet Sofa
from $432.00
MADISON Victorian Velvet Sofa Bed
from $105.00
WIGBERT Contemporary Compact Sofa Bed
BERLIN Modern Fabric Sofa with Stilt Legs
from $439.00
BANK Modern Modular Sofa
from $209.00
ISLANDS Modern Velvet Sofa
from $290.00
FOIX Classic Faux Leather Tufted Sofa
from $439.00
GOOB Modern Boucle Sofa
from $365.00
HONOR Modern Leather Sofa
from $365.00
BORDEUX Modern Fabric Sofa
from $737.00
JOSHUA Modern Velvet Sofa Bed
VARRE Modern Leathaire Sofa
from $662.00
Premium | LUXEM Solid Wood Leather Chair and Sofa
from $514.00
Premium | HANK Solid Wood Leather Chair and Sofa
from $439.00
WILLOWS Modern Leathaire Sofa
from $290.00
BASKIN Modern Leather Sofa
from $1,175.00
AVI Classic Velvet Sofa
from $432.00
JAIME Fabric Floor Sofa Bed
Modern Wire Frame Sofa Set
from $357.00
SOUZA Modern Boucle Sofa
from $216.00
TANIS Japandi Solid Wood Sofa
from $290.00
MADDY Modern Leathaire Sofa
from $142.00
PERLE Modern Fabric Sofa
from $960.00
Premium | ELGIS Fabric Sofa
from $476.00
COVET Modern Convertible Sofa Bed
from $1,852.00
PERRIE Modern L Shape Sofa
from $752.00