Safety Tips & Precautions

Beyond the shopping experience, we want to ensure our furniture serves you and your family for years to come without being a hazard. While our furniture are built to last, some designs are best secured to the wall or floor to avoid tip-overs, especially if you have children or pets at home.

We offer installation services to secure your furniture, however if you are unable to choose this option do keep your family safe with these safety tips below:

  • Secure thin or tall shelves, cabinets, and consoles to a wall with L-brackets or safety straps
  • Anchor light furniture with anti-tip strap or anchor tapes
  • Place heavy items on tall shelves closest to the floor
  • Wall mount TVs whenever possible and avoid placing TVs on dressers
  • Organise and tuck cords away so children or pets cannot pull or trip on them
  • Protect children from sharp corner edges of furniture with corner protectors