COVID-19 Response

Dear customers,

We continue to work together with you to furnish your private retreat, and ensure the place you seek shelter in at the end of each day is the abode you have always dreamt of.

Business As Usual

During this trying period we maintain operations, production, and delivery, as approved by the Singapore Government.

However, lead time may be impacted by 1-2 weeks with disruptions in the supply chain, and may be subject to change with developments as mandated by the Singapore Government during this period.

Delivery Schedule

For orders placed before April 7, the estimated date of arrival remains unchanged and we will continue with deliveries as scheduled.

For orders placed after April 7, delivery will commence from mid June and will be scheduled for delivery according to order placement date.

Due to staggered work hours, our delivery team will be attending to lesser locations per day. As we prioritize all deliveries according to order placement date, the next available date for rescheduled deliveries (if you are not around or unable to receive the item) may be pushed back without notice.

Health & Safety Measures

  • Non-essential employees are working from home, and will continue to communicate with you via mobile
  • Logistical staff conduct daily temperature checks and disinfection of premises and trucks, observe hand sanitation, and wear surgical masks throughout their daily operations and during delivery
  • Delivery team observes contactless deliveries

We seek your patience and understanding during this global pandemic, and hope to assure all our customers that we are working twice as hard to ensure your purchases reach you in the shortest time possible. 

Let's make home the place you choose to stay in.